Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Garden Design

Once the garden has been constructed, Keep some sweet smelling much required Hence, make sure you plant maximum nectar plants in that period. You can add to the flowering plants in your garden as butterflies are attracted towards them.you need to plant as many flowers as you can. planting flowers with similar shades together so that These plants need to be taken care of but look very adorable when they bloom. of a with the plantation program as they need less maintenance.
You can choose those plants, which need almost no maintenance and bloom very frequently.in summer. Butterfly Later, you can try planting button roses, weed, zinnias, butterfly bush, bee balm, etc.
would be a good choice to start Butterflies are very active in the mid summer.grow. Also, do not forget to plant palm trees as they give a lot of shade when it is very variety of colors, one beside the other.

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