Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Online garden design

Online garden design:Low maintenance landscaping - A large backyard landscape doesn’t need to be all lawn and high maintenance. There are several landscaping ideas and possibilities available. One idea for those who live near woods or other areas where deer are present is to grow plants that they do not like so as to prevent them from coming into your yard and without needing to keep a fence up.
 Some plants that fall under this category are hens and chicks, prickly pear and creeping juniper. One idea is to alternate northern sea oats, which additionally provide beautiful interest even in winter, with red osier dogwood a shrub that is also known for its beautiful red-burgundy bark and put paths of creeping juniper between flowering plants for a deer resistant backyard design.
A nice bench to provide a sitting area for reading is also a good idea. The "floor" can be a varied design using several different colors and textures of mulches, and thus giving something interesting to meditate upon.


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