Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Vegetable garden design

Vegetable garden design:The climate where you live is another important consideration. Choose plants that mature more quickly if you live in a cold climate where the growing season is short or consider using a greenhouse. Grow vegetables that are well suited for your area. For example, some varieties of dry bean will grow well in more temperate climates but will produce poorly in hot humid areas. 
Factors like soil, sun, moisture and nutrients will have an influence on where plants will grow best. Once your plants are well placed and are healthy you will have the benefit of experiencing fewer problems with pests or diseases. 

Healthy plants are also able to tolerate adverse conditions such as drought or flood better than plants that are struggling.Choose the variety that will fit your particular climate, location and soil type for best results. 


  1. nice vegetable garden.

    thanks for sharing good views.
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  2. Beautiful. As always, I’m impatient for lusher greenery, particularly since these pups are so visible in my living area. Someday soon I’ll pop in some more established plants.
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